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Scents of Serenity: Crafting Tranquillity with Packamor's Elegant Perfume Packaging

Some scents can give us a momentary pleasure associated with olfaction while at the same time chiropracting our bodies.

These fragrances are usually called ‘clean and fresh’ and are associated with smells of sun-dried laundry; they belong to powdery floral. Essentially, they are bunches of flowers such as lavender, jasmine, iris, orange blossom, freesia and white musk. They stimulate our senses, making us feel like we have just woken up from a very calm dream which makes us ready to face difficulties that come with daybreak.

When trying to create perfume, these simple notes in perfumes muster an effect of peace; it’s like you are safe now with fresh air around you and clean linen drying in the sunshine. It is a unique smell that only appears when washing is dried out on a line outside under direct sunlight due to specific chemical reactions involving aldehydes and ketones having unusual aroma qualities.

When considering perfume packaging, the 50 ml Victor Rectangle Bottle by Packamor is perfect for any fragrance evoking the feeling of 'naturalness' (e.g., soft cotton or freshly washed bed linen). In this case one may choose a more elaborate flowery smell represented by the 100 ml Cyril Round Perfume Glass Bottle. The transparent glass material along a silver magnetic aluminium cap of high shine gives a sophisticated packaging option completed by an elegant magnetic closure feature. Additionally, consider having smaller sizes available for your best sellers when travelling so that the attraction appeal still remains as well as practicality for your fragrance line.

Please visit Packamor’s online store where we have a wide selection of perfume packaging as well as other accessories used in perfumery for those trying to create perfume. By using our screen-printing service and customizable cases, you can enhance and differentiate your collection from others ensuring its distinctiveness and attractiveness.

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