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Top Suppliers for Perfume Bottles Wholesale in the USA

Choosing the appropriate wholesale perfume bottles is essential to achieving your branding goals in the fragrance market.It may be challenging to select which providers are the finest to work with since there are so many of them advertising an assortment of bargains. To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of reliable discounted perfume bottles suppliers within the USA. is an industry pioneer in prevalent bundling arrangements. As the go-to perfume bottles provider, they offer numerous bottle plans, materials, and customisation conceivable outcomes. They are among the few discount perfume bottles providers within the USA that offer metallic and wooden caps or external boxes. Your scents will stand out from the swarm with their high-quality custom-made bottles and fabulous client benefits. 1

 New High Glass

New High Glass is a well-known perfume bottles wholesale supplier in the USA and abroad. In their extensive wholesale perfume bottles collection, you will find suitable containers from 3ml to 300ml with various shapes, colours and designs. Whether you are a traditional or modern fragrance brand, New High Glass has a bottle for your next scent. They offer a wide variety of accessories, including caps, pumps, and collars, ensuring that you'll find exactly what you need to make your perfume packaging perfect. 2

 Guangzhou Jiaxing Glass Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1993, Hebe Trading is one of China's premier manufacturers of high-quality glass packaging. This company includes perfume bottles wholesale in its range and is committed to innovation, sustainability and contributing to the circular economy. Its products are made from a range of high-quality glass and some extremely eco-friendly versions from recycled materials. Hebe Trading offers a global supply platform supported by strong Chinese production export infrastructure that allows this manufacturer to offer highly competitive pricing. 3


Qorpak is a reliable supplier of wide-ranging packaging solutions including wholesale perfume bottles. This company serves an extensive portfolio of bottle styles to cater to the many different requirements of perfume suppliers, while upholding impeccable standards of product quality and customer satisfaction. 4 

Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd.

Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd. is a well-known Chinese producer of pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging, including wholesale perfume bottles. Customers can expect the highest quality packaging from this company, which operates modern, state-of-the-art production facilities to guarantee its bottles meet the highest requirements for quality, reliability and consistency in wholesale supply.

Various factors should be considered by a perfume bottles wholesale supplier, such as product features, flexibility, transportation timelines and customer care. Therefore, hiring reliable vendors like those suggested above will guarantee that your fragrance packaging suits your brand’s requirements and meets the target market demands as well.Remember it is the first physical representation of your brand so choosing the right vendor is key to creating a strong first impression and increasing sales.To enhance your range of fragrances, go through options offered and evaluate deals to find the best wholesaler for perfume bottles.

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