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Small Perfume Bottles Wholesale - 15ml/0.5oz Wim + Silver Top, Empty Perfume Bottles in Bulk

Small Perfume Bottles Wholesale - 15ml/0.5oz Wim + Silver Top, Empty Perfume Bottles in Bulk

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Introducing our premium perfume bottle bundles, specifically curated for businesses that specialize in creating and selling high-quality fragrances. Each bundle is designed to meet the highest standards of quality and presentation.

In this set:
Bottle Type
: 15ml/0.5 oz Wim Perfume Bottle
Cap Type: Silver Perfume Cap (Slim)
Spray Type: Silver Perfume Spray Pump (100mcl Easy Crimp) with ring
Perfume Bottle Label: Premium synthetic color label; Water/oil Resistant; Non-tearable

This sophisticated 15ml/0.5 oz Wim bottle offers a sleek and modern design that enhances the visual appeal of any fragrance line. The silver slim cap provides a secure fit while maintaining an elegant and upscale look. Paired with the matching gold spray pump, which ensures a fine and even mist, this bundle is perfect for showcasing your premium scents.

Our bundles are ideal for businesses looking to elevate their product offerings with a touch of luxury and professionalism. Whether you are launching a new fragrance line or rebranding an existing one, this perfume bottle bundle provides the perfect solution to impress your customers and boost your sales.

Free Label Guidelines:
Once you place the order, you will receive an email asking to submit the label designs. You can send us a design with your logo and based on the bottles, we will send you a set of labels that are oil proof and anti-tear.

If you want multiple scent names to be printed on the labels, you will need to give us the complete label designs with the different scent names.

Please ensure that the artwork that you give us is in PDF format. Preferably attach the font files to ensure sharpness of text.

Product Information

weight 60 g
capacity 15 mL
material Flint Glass
width 22.45 mm
height 108 mm


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