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Frosted 10ml/0.33oz Round Roll-on Bottle Flint Clear Glass

Frosted 10ml/0.33oz Round Roll-on Bottle Flint Clear Glass

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Elevate your fragrance game with our Frosted Roll-on Bottle - the ultimate choice for perfume enthusiasts and testers alike!

Elevate the sophistication of your fragrance collection with our exquisite Frosted 10ml/0.33oz Round Roll-on Bottle in Flint Clear Glass. Crafted to perfection, these bottles are a luxurious addition to your packaging that exudes elegance and refinement. Imagine showcasing your signature scents in these stunning vessels, each roll-on bottle designed for a premium fragrance presentation that captivates the senses. Dive into the realm of luxury perfumery as you unveil the sheer opulence of these frosted glass bottles, each one meticulously crafted for a touch of glamour and exclusivity. Picture yourself indulging in moments of self-care, gliding on your favorite scent effortlessly thanks to the convenient roll-on feature that ensures precise application every time. Whether you are an aspiring perfumer seeking to create a line of sophisticated fragrances or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, owning our Frosted Round Roll On Bottles is sure to elevate your olfactory experience and leave an everlasting impression on those around you. Immerse yourself in a world where beauty meets functionality, where every drop of perfume becomes an expression of luxury and style

  • Enhance your fragrance collection with the sleek design of Frosted 10ml Round Roll-on Bottles
  • Conveniently apply perfumes and essential oils with precision using the smooth roll-on feature
  • Elevate your packaging presentation and showcase your scents in style with these elegant glass bottles

Product Information

neck type DIN 18
weight 26 g
capacity 10 mL
material Type III - Clear Flint
width 19.1 mm
height 71.85 mm