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Wholesale Glossy Gold Roll-on Cap, Alumen DIN18

Wholesale Glossy Gold Roll-on Cap, Alumen DIN18

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Embrace elegance with our Glossy Gold Roll-on Cap, the perfect finishing touch for your luxurious perfume bottles.

Enhance the allure of your roll-on bottles with our exquisite Glossy Gold Roll-on Cap Alumen DIN18. Tailored to impeccably fit 6ml, 8ml, and 10ml roll-on bottles, this cap seamlessly marries style with practicality. Meticulously crafted from top-tier materials, it ensures a snug and refined closure that elevates the overall presentation of your products. The lustrous gold finish exudes opulence, making it a premier choice for upscale packaging that commands attention and radiates sophistication. Engage in an imaginary journey where you envision yourself as a renowned perfumer unveiling your latest creation at a glamorous launch event. As you introduce your signature scent housed in these glossy gold caps, guests are captivated by the luxurious aesthetic and exceptional quality of your product - leaving them mesmerized by both the fragrance within and its striking exterior. Alternatively, picture yourself curating an exclusive gift set for a loved one's special occasion. By adorning each roll-on bottle with our Glossy Gold Roll-on Cap Alumen DIN18, you transform mundane items into elegant keepsakes that reflect thoughtfulness and luxury. Your recipient is not only impressed by the delightful fragrances but also enchanted by the sheer beauty of their meticulously packaged treasures

  • Elevate your perfume packaging with the luxurious Glossy Gold Roll-on Cap
  • Securely seal your favorite scents with the Alumen DIN18 closure
  • Enhance user experience by effortlessly applying fragrances with a convenient roll-on mechanism
  • Add a touch of elegance to your product line with these sleek and stylish caps

Product Information

neck type DIN 18
weight 3 g
material Toughened Aluminum + PP
width 20 mm
height 25 mm