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Wholesale Glossy Silver Roll-on Cap, Alumen DIN18

Wholesale Glossy Silver Roll-on Cap, Alumen DIN18

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Experience the elegance of our Glossy Silver Roll-on Cap - the perfect finishing touch for your luxurious perfume bottles!

Elevate the allure of your roll-on bottles with our exquisite Glossy Silver Roll-on Cap Alumen DIN18. Designed for 6ml, 8ml, and 10ml capacities, this cap epitomizes precision engineering with a perfect fit mechanism that promises an unmatched closure experience. Immaculately fashioned from top-tier materials, it not only guarantees longevity but also radiates luxury through its lustrous finish. Fun Fact: Each Glossy Silver Roll-on Cap undergoes a meticulous crafting process involving intricate detailing to ensure flawless functionality and aesthetic appeal—truly a blend of form and function that exceeds industry standards! Picture yourself as a discerning connoisseur seeking to elevate your line of premium fragrances; imagine the proud satisfaction in presenting your signature scent encapsulated within this sleek silver marvel. Or perhaps you are a trendsetting entrepreneur looking to make waves in the beauty industry by aligning your brand with sophistication and modernity—the Glossy Silver Roll-on Cap is the ultimate finishing touch to manifest your vision into reality. Elevate aesthetics while preserving quality with each twist - because first impressions matter!

  • Elevate your perfume packaging with the sleek and sophisticated glossy silver finish
  • Securely seal your roll-on bottles to prevent any leaks or spills
  • Effortlessly apply your favorite scents with the convenient roll-on cap design
  • Enhance the overall aesthetic of your fragrance collection with these stylish Alumen DIN18 caps

Product Information

neck type DIN 18
weight 3 g
material Toughened Aluminum + PP
width 20 mm
height 25 mm