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Wholesale Beech Wood Perfume Cap, Natural Finish, FEA 15 Bold

Wholesale Beech Wood Perfume Cap, Natural Finish, FEA 15 Bold

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Elevate your fragrance game with our Beech Wood Perfume Cap, crafted for those who appreciate natures touch of luxury.

Elevate your fragrance experience with the Beech Wood Perfume Cap in Natural Finish, specially crafted for FEA 15 Bold necks. Delicately designed to complement tester kits and medium-sized perfume bottles ranging from 50–100 ml, this cap seamlessly merges the allure of nature with a touch of opulence. Impressively versatile and environmentally friendly, our alluring beech wood cap boasts a natural finish that exudes sophistication and eco-conscious charm. Picture yourself showcasing your signature scent adorned with this luxurious wooden cap at an exclusive event – instantly setting you apart as someone who appreciates both premium aesthetics and sustainable practices. Alternatively, imagine gifting this exquisite piece to a loved one who cherishes unique yet practical luxuries; every time they reach for their favorite fragrance topped with our Beech Wood Perfume Cap, they'll be reminded of your thoughtful gesture. Indulge in the harmonious blend of luxury and sustainability by adding this exquisite wooden cap to your collection today - ideal for those discerning individuals or brands seeking to elevate their presentation while prioritizing environmental responsibility

  • Elevate your fragrance experience with the luxurious touch of natural beech wood perfume cap
  • Add a sophisticated and eco-friendly element to your perfume bottle with this exquisite wooden cap
  • Enhance the longevity of your favorite scent by securely sealing it with this durable wooden cap

Product Information

neck type FEA 15
material Beech Wood + PP
width 31.5 mm
height 35.6 mm